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What you get

  • Gain access to interested buyers that have subscribed to your plot's cemetery
  • Sell your plots faster with an engaged and targeted audience of buyers
  • Boost listing performance with our premium featured listing option
  • A brand you can trust that are experts in cemetery property transactions
  • Always online, our website never sleeps so you can capture leads 24/7
  • Customer service trained to understand seller needs and guide your transaction

How it works

Listing and selling a cemetery plot on our marketplace is simple.

  1. You create a listing for your plot
  2. We review and approve it
  3. Your listing is published live to the marketplace
  4. We notify buyers about your new listing
  5. You receive inquiries from interested buyers right within the app
  6. You and the buyer come to an agreement with and complete the transaction off-platform
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Basic Premium
$34.99 / 3 months*
$99.99 / year
(save 30%)
$59.99 / 3 months*
$169.99 / year
(save 30%)
Hidden fees
Broker fees, commissions, etc.
None None
Plot valuation tool
(Only available at BurialLink)
Customizable listing content
Unlimited photos
Notify interested buyers
Secure buyer communication
Premium Placement
Highlighted Ad
Support Standard Prioritized

*Billed in 3 month increments - In our experience, listings get the most traction and visibility when they stay up for at least a few months. To ensure you the best result possible, our subscription plan is billed in 3 month increments.

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Not sure how much your plot is worth?

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Use our plot valuation tool to generate an estimate of your plot's value based on BurialLink's proprietary data.

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Here's what our customers are saying...

Finding a way to sell our cemetery plots was a God-send. We had looked several times over the years and never felt comfortable with the companies that we checked out. When we found the link to BurialLink it was easy to contact, fill out the information, and list what we were trying to sell. The regular contact with BurialLink was a pleasant surprise and helped us sell our plots in Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills within 3 weeks.

— Bill and Barbara Covey

I'm glad BurialLink developed the website to be able to sell my plots in United Hebrew Cemetery. It was easy to use, and interactions with the BurialLink team were very easy. I felt like the support team was always available and responsive.

— Antoinette Z.

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Why BurialLink?

Watch the video below to meet the founders of BurialLink and hear them describe why they created the company, the problem it aims to solve, and how we can help sell your burial plot.


We've got answers to some of your pressing questions about selling your plot.

  • As soon as you purchase your subscription we review your listing to ensure that it meets our marketplace standards. Your listing is typically published within 24 hours.

    Once published, the listing is marked as Coming Soon for 3 days to create buzz around the listing and give our premium members (our most serious buyers) time to access the listing before other users.

  • The quality of your listing can go a long way toward finding a potential buyer for your plot.

    Here are some recommendations to maximize the effectiveness of your listing.

    1. Include a detailed description - Use 250 characters or more to describe your plot, its location within the cemetery, desirable or unique features, etc.
    2. Fill out all of the listing fields - Make sure you fill out all of the fields including transfer fees, price negotiability, location, etc. Buyers care about these details and including them up front can help you come to an agreement with a buyer quicker.
    3. Add photos - Listings with photos perform better than listings without. Photos help potential buyers see your plot's location within the cemetery.
  • Choose the right payment method(s) for a successful and secure sale.

    1. Cash (Not Recommended):
    2. Risks include lack of a paper trail and security concerns.
    3. Handling large sums of cash is inconvenient and unsafe.

    4. Bank Transfer (ACH, EFT, Wire Transfer):

    5. Secure and efficient for domestic and international transactions.
    6. Provide clear instructions and verify recipient details.

    7. Check (Cashier's Check or Money Order):

    8. Verify authenticity before completing the transaction.
    9. Avoid personal checks due to higher bounce risks.

    10. Online Payment (PayPal, Venmo, Zelle):

    11. Quick and secure transactions for convenience.
    12. Be aware of associated fees and align with buyer preferences.

    13. Escrow Services (BurialLink Secure Pay):

    14. Adds security with funds held until obligations are fulfilled.
    15. Consider BurialLink Secure Pay for added peace of mind. Learn more.

    Be sure to prioritize safety, and consider Secure Pay for added peace of mind. Happy selling!

  • BurialLink is a digital marketplace providing an easy and safe way for cemetery property buyers and sellers to connect.

    All information about our listing services can be found on the sell plot pricing page.

    If you are ready to sell your plot, click here to sign up.

  • You can respond to a buyer's inquiry or message directly on the BurialLink platform.

    ||| Be sure to reply to messages directly within the BurialLink app. Replies to the email notification will go to customer service, not the buyer.

    View your messages 1. Sign in to your account 2. Navigate to the customer portal by clicking "My Account" on the top nav 3. Scroll to the "Messages" section and click "View Conversations"

    Respond to inquiries You will now see a list of the most recent message you've exchanged with each individual prospective buyer. Click on the message you wish to respond to.

    Send a reply by typing a message in the text field and clicking the "Reply" button.

  • You can upload photos, maps, and other images to your listing at any time using the customer portal.

    1. Sign in to your account
    2. Clicking the "My Account" link in the top nav to navigate to your customer portal
    3. Scroll to the "Plot Listings" section and click the "Manage" button next to your plot
    4. The plot listing management page will provide the option to upload photos

    Once you upload and save your images they will show up immediately on your listing.

  • BurialLink is the ideal platform to list your cemetery plots for several compelling reasons. As a dedicated marketplace exclusively focused on cemetery property, we ensure that your listings are streamlined and tailored to facilitate smooth and efficient transactions within this unique market.

    Easy to list One of the primary advantages of using BurialLink is the platform's ease, affordability, and effectiveness. Listing your cemetery plots is a straightforward process, and the user-friendly interface ensures that you can create and manage your listings with ease.

    Community of buyers BurialLink's distinct advantage is its active community of interested potential buyers. The platform actively promotes new listings to this community, increasing the visibility of your cemetery plots and attracting relevant leads.

    No hidden fees Sellers benefit from a transparent and straightforward fee structure, as you only need to pay the listing fee without any additional transaction fees. This means you can maximize your profits without worrying about hidden costs.

  • You can upgrade your listing at any time by contacting customer support.

  • We only charge per listing, which could include just a single plot or multiple plots in the same cemetery. Price is displayed per plot.

  • You can make changes to your listing at any time.

    1. Sign in to your account
    2. Click "My Account" in the top nav
    3. Scroll to the "Plot Listings" section
    4. Click "Manage"
    5. Make changes to your listing and click "Update"

    Changes take effect immediately.

  • Yes, all of the seller subscriptions automatically renew. This ensures that your listing remains active and published until it can be sold.

    When you successful complete a sale, you can mark your property as sold in the seller portal. Your subscription will be deactivated and you will no longer be billed.

  • Yes. It is encouraged that you post multiple photos but not required. If you do not currently have photos for your ad, you can always add pictures later.

    We recommend not waiting to post your plot due to needing photos. It is more important to get your ad listing public and accessible by our site visitors and those searching for cemetery and burial plots in your area. Without an ad, no one knows your burial plot is for sale!

  • No! There are no commissions or hidden fees for listing your cemetery property for sale on BurialLink. However, there are usually cemetery charges for quit-claiming ownership to another person ("transfer fee"). Cemeteries often charge between $100 to $350 for paperwork and processing for each new certificate issued.

    The buyer and seller should agree ahead of time on who will pay this fee and outline it in writing. We recommend you include this in the ad, but the buyer should inquire in advance of purchase if it is not clearly stated.

  • Be smart and competitive about your plot pricing. Depending on your location, the cemetery may have hundreds or thousands of spaces in inventory for sale. Take into consideration the plot location inside the cemetery and the quality of the surroundings. Find out what their best prices are and price your property accordingly. Remember, price to sell!

    Keep in mind that, for the past 100 years, cemetery property sold using pay over time contracts with small down payments, even smaller installment payments and years to pay. Cemeteries still do that today. Remember, the secondary market is a cash market with no financing available from sellers and should consider when setting our price.

    Additionally, BurialLink has excellent built-in tools that clearly outline the prices for specific cemeteries or regions based on historical transaction data. Use this quality data to help guide your pricing decisions.

  • The cost of listing your plots for sale on BurialLink varies based on the plan you choose. For a detailed breakdown of costs and features, please visit our pricing page.

    Regardless of the plan you select, your plot ad will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the agreed period. The ad is fully interactive, allowing you to provide a complete description, multiple photos, and contact information. You have complete control over your ad and can update and modify it at your discretion through the seller portal.

    Additionally, we offer premium ad listings that highlight your plot and promote it to other areas around your plot location.

  • Are you unsure what your Burial Plots are worth? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one.

    We can help you estimate the value of your burial plot using our platform's proprietary data. All it takes is answering a few simple questions and you get a price estimate.

    Click here to get started with our plot valuation tool

  • It may take 12 to 18 months to sell burial plots, even in some of the more popular cemeteries. Cemetery property is a niche market, which means it takes a specific buyer ready to purchase in your area of the cemetery.

    BurialLink has thousands of subscribers to help streamline this process, but it still may take an extended period to go from listing to completed sale.

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