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What you get

  • Gain access to interested buyers that have subscribed to your plot's cemetery
  • Sell your plots faster with an engaged and targeted audience of buyers
  • Boost listing performance with our premium featured listing option
  • A brand you can trust that are experts in cemetery property transactions
  • Always online, our website never sleeps so you can capture leads 24/7
  • Customer service trained to understand seller needs and guide your transaction

How it works

Listing and selling a cemetery plot on our marketplace is simple.

  1. You create a listing for your plot
  2. We review and approve it
  3. Your listing is published live to the marketplace
  4. We notify buyers about your new listing
  5. You receive inquiries from interested buyers right within the app
  6. You and the buyer come to an agreement with and complete the transaction off-platform
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Basic Premium
$9.99 / month*
$89.99 / year
(save 25%)
$17.99 / month*
$149.99 / year
(save 30%)
Hidden fees
Broker fees, commissions, etc.
None None
Exclusive Listing
Plot pricing data
(Only available at BurialLink)
Customizable listing content
Unlimited photos
Notify interested buyers
Secure buyer communication
Premium Placement
Highlighted Ad
Support Standard Prioritized

*Billed in 3 month increments - In our experience, listings get the most traction and visibility when they stay up for at least a few months. To ensure you the best result possible, our subscription plan is billed in 3 month increments.

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Here's what our customers are saying...

Finding a way to sell our cemetery plots was a God-send. We had looked several times over the years and never felt comfortable with the companies that we checked out. When we found the link to BurialLink it was easy to contact, fill out the information, and list what we were trying to sell. The regular contact with BurialLink was a pleasant surprise and helped us sell our plots in Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills within 3 weeks.

— Bill and Barbara Covey

I'm glad BurialLink developed the website to be able to sell my plots in United Hebrew Cemetery. It was easy to use, and interactions with the BurialLink team were very easy. I felt like the support team was always available and responsive.

— Antoinette Z.

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Why BurialLink?

Watch the video below to meet the founders of BurialLink and hear them describe why they created the company, the problem it aims to solve, and how we can help sell your burial plot.


We've got answers to some of your pressing questions about selling your plot.

  • Our pricing page has a complete breakdown of the costs and features of each of our listing plans. Regardless of the plan you choose, your plot ad runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the agreed period. The ad is entirely interactive, allowing for a full description, multiple photos, and complete contact information. You have full control over your ad and can update and modify it at your discretion through the seller portal.

    We also offer premium ad listings that highlight your plot and advertise it to other areas around your plot location.
  • Be smart and competitive about your plot pricing. Depending on your location, the cemetery may have hundreds or thousands of spaces in inventory for sale. Take into consideration the plot location inside the cemetery and the quality of the surroundings. Find out what their best prices are and price your property accordingly. Remember, price to sell!

    Keep in mind that, for the past 100 years, cemetery property sold using pay over time contracts with small down payments, even smaller installment payments and years to pay. Cemeteries still do that today. Remember, the secondary market is a cash market with no financing available from sellers and should consider when setting our price.

    Additionally, BurialLink has excellent built-in tools that clearly outline the prices for specific cemeteries or regions based on historical transaction data. Use this quality data to help guide your pricing decisions.
  • No! There are no commissions or hidden fees for listing your cemetery property for sale on BurialLink. However, there are usually cemetery charges for quit-claiming ownership to another person. Cemeteries often charge between $100 to $350 for paperwork and processing for each new certificate issued.

    The buyer and seller should agree ahead of time on who will pay this fee and outline it in writing. We recommend you state this in the ad, but the buyer should inquire in advance of purchase if it is not clearly stated.
  • At BurialLink, we review all listings for quality. Our high caliber of listings sets us apart from the other websites selling burial and cemetery plots. Your submission is entirely instantaneous, but it may take up to 24 hours to review and approve your listing. This approach helps us ensure the high quality of listing and related traffic to ensure we drive qualified leads to your cemetery property.
  • Yes. It is encouraged that you post multiple photos but not required. If you do not currently have photos for your ad, you can always add pictures later.

    We recommend not waiting to post your plot due to needing photos. It is more important to get your ad listing public and accessible by our site visitors and those searching for cemetery and burial plots in your area. Without an ad, no one knows your burial plot is for sale!
  • BurialLink does not offer any guarantee of sale or timeframe in which a transaction may occur.  However, if the right buyer comes along or already is watching your cemetery on our website, it could potentially sell the first day. Then again, it could take several months or longer to sell.  It all depends on timing and demand for plots in your burial plots region.  

    We understand this process can be overwhelming, and we are here to help! Start by ensuring your price is in-line with the market by using our pricing tools. Second, ensure your description provides as much information as possible (too much information is better than not enough). Lastly, ensure you respond to all inquiries even if they seem repetitive! Interested buyers are out there, and BurialLink is here to help find them for you. Also, by signing up for our annual plan, you get three months FREE!
  • All of the Seller accounts automatically renew. An auto-renewal feature is a helpful tool for those clients who know they will be advertising properties on BurialLink for the immediate future. This feature allows your account to be automatically billed and renewed on a set date determined by the billing term that you sign up for. To discontinue this automatic renewal feature, the user will need to click on billing and then choose Cancel Membership from the drop-down menu. On this page, there will be a button that says Yes, cancel my account. Click on that to cancel future payments. Your account will remain active for the duration of paid time.
  • You can change your membership subscription type from Basic to Premium at any point. The below steps will show you how to do so from within your account and how it will affect your subscription.

    First, go to the Billing tab and select Renew Account. Select your new subscription type. Once you select your new membership type, a Credit Calculator will appear below the membership pricing. The credit calculator will show you how your account will be affected by the change in account type. Once you select Process Payment, your Premium membership will begin!
  • Yes, of course! You can modify your ad at any time, day or night. Simply login using the email address and password you used when signing up for your seller account. You can change or correct the verbiage in your ad. You can add or change photos. You can even upgrade your ad to a premium listing at any time.
  • At BurialLink we want to make the listing process as easy and as affordable as possible. This means we only charge per listing, which could be one (1) or multiple plots (2+) in the same cemetery!

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