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Buying or selling cemetery property before BurialLink

  • Cemetery plots were available, but there wasn't an easy way to access them

  • It was difficult to know how much a cemetery plot was worth

  • Connecting with a buyer or seller required going through shady middlemen operating on web infrastructure from the last millennium

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  • Give Yourself More Options

    You no longer have to settle for selling your plot back to the cemetery or giving it away for free.

  • Maximize Your Plot’s Sale Value

    We monitor cemetery property values to help you price your listing effectively.

  • Sell on Auto-Pilot

    Our built-in seller tools, free guides, and premium listing services will help you sell faster.

  • Gain Access to Interested Buyers

    When you list your plot with us, we will notify buyers who have expressed interest in your plot's cemetery.

Here's what our customers are saying...

Finding a way to sell our cemetery plots was a God-send. We had looked several times over the years and never felt comfortable with the companies that we checked out. When we found the link to BurialLink it was easy to contact, fill out the information, and list what we were trying to sell. The regular contact with BurialLink was a pleasant surprise and helped us sell our plots in Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills within 3 weeks.

— Bill and Barbara C.

I'm glad BurialLink developed the website to be able to sell my plots in United Hebrew Cemetery. It was easy to use, and interactions with the BurialLink team were very easy. I felt like the support team was always available and responsive.

— Antoinette Z.

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  • Take Control of Your End-of-Life Plans

    You don’t have to be limited by your cemetery’s inventory. Our marketplace gives you access to more cemetery property options.

  • Better Value For Your Money

    We monitor cemetery property values to help you price your listing effectively.

  • No Missed Opportunities

    Subscribe for notifications when new cemetery property becomes available. You can sleep easy knowing we are constantly monitoring new listings for you.

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Learn how to effectively buy or sell cemetery property online.

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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

  • BurialLink is a top-tier cemetery property marketplace. Listings on BurialLink span all categories of cemetery property for sale, including cemetery plots, burial plots, mausoleums, single plots, family plots, and more. Featuring plots for sale by owner and by the cemetery, BurialLink has your plot needs covered.

    The BurialLink site offers users easy-to-use tools to browse land for sale by state, county, zip code, or more than two dozen different categories. Users can also create custom searches to find cemetery property for sale that best suits their needs. Sellers at BurialLink can easily aggregate their plots for sale, making it easy for buyers to view their preferred agents' properties. In addition to the site, BurialLink offers an email newsletter that provides valuable information on cemetery property for sale.
  • We (Carlos & Zac) are two friends who have always been fascinated by the real estate and digital world, realizing we could merge the two to create value for multiple stakeholders. While creating this value, we could create transparency and responsibility in an industry that has none. We set out to leverage our experience as a web developer and finance executive to democratize the cemetery property industry, and ensure that it keeps up with the times and continues to engage future generations.
  • BurialLink's mission is to democratize cemetery property (burial and cemetery plots) for all. We believe that everyone should have access to afterlife planning, so we've built Burial Link from the ground up to make researching, sourcing, buying, and selling cemetery property, transparent, and approachable for newcomers and experts alike.

    We facilitate the reselling of burial plots by people who have one they don’t need. In an industry that can appear opaque and outdated, our goal is to provide our users with a transparent experience using our modern platform. End-of-life planning has traditionally been depressing, we strive to inject a bit of energy!

  • We are your best option for listing your cemetery and burial plot. Listing your burial property for sale is easy, affordable, and effective! BurialLink is one of the leading digital marketplaces for selling your plots online, which means we drive results. If you want to sell your plots fast, there is no better place to be without paying a small fortune to do so. Click here to list your burial plot online.
  • Cemetery property (also known as cemetery plots and burial plots) is not a "want" product; it is a "need" product. Last year (2019), in the United States, there were 2,813,000 deaths, and the number will grow to over 4,500,000 in the year 2040. This statistic means that at least two and a half million families will deal with this "need" for a cemetery product every year.
  • Like most digital marketplaces, BurialLink has multiple sources of income. These types of income fall into three basic categories:

    1. Seller subscriptions
    2. Affiliate commissions
    3. Ad revenue

    Our mission is to democratize cemetery property (burial and cemetery plots) for all. Earning revenue allows us to offer you a range of services at a free or low cost.

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