How to Sell Cemetery Plots Fast

In our other cemetery plot educational pieces, we shared the basic process of how to sell or transfer a cemetery plot. We also covered the reality that finding a buyer for a burial plot can potentially take a long time, due to the unique nature of the supply and demand related to burial plots. To combat the longer sales process, in this article, we attempt to give you some tips and tricks that will hopefully sell your cemetery plot faster than your competition. 

Do Not Get Buried in the Crowd 

Selling a burial plot is more of a relationship business than a transactional one, due to the emotional nature of the sale. It is likely the buyers' final resting place, and that is a profound thought. You can touch your buyers' human side by giving them more than just a space to bury their loved ones. Below are some ideas for "something more" when you craft your burial plots selling story.

Sell Your Cemetery Features

Cemeteries, as businesses, are also working hard to attract more clients and increase their value. Please do some research about your cemetery, see their marketing materials, website, blogs, or perhaps even talk to their team. Learn about some of their unique offerings and include that in your listing. To give you an idea of what you could expect, here are some common offers:
  • Cemeteries are finding new ways to attract not just customers, but also visitors to their site. For instance, some cemeteries are hosting events like private tours (especially when there is a famous personality buried in the cemetery), community runs, or even scavenger hunts. They host annual events such as on Dia De Los Muertos, where local partners and cultural clubs celebrate the day with live music and storytelling.
  • Some cemeteries are exploring genealogy. They have established databases to find out where the closest relative of a person might be, and then help find a plot closest to that spot. It is a new marketing tool but ensures that each cemetery plot has a unique story.
  • Cemeteries play host many fascinating stories and rich histories. These stories are around war heroes, successful people or the community are gems for a seller. They help craft the story of the cemetery and give it a unique spin to separate it from its competition. 
  • Snow can be a problem for many cemeteries. When there is heavy snow, locating the grave or digging a grave can be a common challenge. Some cemeteries have an online mapping that helps you find empty spots or visit your loved one's grave. Some cemeteries also provide proper machinery to clear accumulated snow and dig a grave whenever needed. The same goes for other natural issues like rain or flooding. Technologies or machinery that help the cemetery overcome these challenges can be a big attraction for people looking for burial plot regions challenged by diverse weather conditions.
  • When someone buys a burial plot, it is usually for many years in the future (unless it's for investment purposes). Maintaining paper records can be both annoying and challenging, also not practical at all. Some cemeteries maintain digital files for you. All you have to do is contact them when you need said information. Although, we recommend you ensure that the cemetery has data protection to avoid any loss of records before you advertise these features.
Make sure you highlight all of the extra services offered by your cemetery in your listing. These additional items will ensure your cemetery plot stands compared to the competition. Remember, a potential buyer will look through hundreds of plots before deciding on their final resting place.

Go Green 

Living environmentally friendly is a growing trend, which does not have to end after death. There are technologies in place that can be used to bury the deceased naturally. One example of such a system is when the dead are buried directly into the soil. This approach allows the body to recycle and does not require human intervention for embalming the body. The caskets are produced with biodegradable materials such as bamboo, banana leaves, shrouds, or willows.
This green factor can be a desirable feature for your listing as not many people are aware of this option. Stand out in the listings clutter by highlighting this feature, merely mentioning that your cemetery offers the ability to go green!

Sell Convenience 

No one likes complex procedures with a lot of paperwork. Buying and selling a burial plot can involve many different rules, cemetery-related policies, and document exchange. Before you plan to sell your burial plot, you, as a seller, need to do some homework (read about it here). You can reap the benefits of your homework by selling it as a convenience to find a suitable buyer. Here are some steps you can take:
  1. Map out the process for the buyer. Be as clear and detailed as you can be in your listing. These details should include buyer profile, documents needed, steps of the process, restrictions, extra expenses for the buyer (some cemeteries demand maintenance fees), and cemetery rules. Mentioning these details will also increase buyers' confidence.
  2. Provide the option of a digital exchange of information and documents. We spoke about how cemeteries provide digital records, but this is a feature even you, as a seller, can provide for almost no cost at all.

Understand Your Audience and Craft a Better Listing

Not every customer is the same. What will appeal to one, often, will not appeal to another. Understand the buyer demographics in your area. You can ask your cemetery what kind of customers they usually get. Once you have an idea about the potential buyer group, then you can craft your advertisement accordingly.
For instance, if your target group is the baby boomers (born between the 1940s-1960s) generation, which is a high probability, then list down things that will attract them. This tactic is the generation that has witnessed several wars (Cold war and the Vietnam war, to name a few). If the cemetery does things to honor the war-fighters, then you got their attention right there. Do not just stop at creating that appealing message, leverage your photos to drive your story forward. The first photo should highlight a vital aspect of the cemetery.

Craft a Story

The death industry heavily relies on human emotions. It is a sensitive topic for everyone, and you want to give them human elements in your offering. Crafting a story to include in your listing could help elevate your ad to the next level. 
Here is a great example; you initially inherited this burial plot from your mother. She loved sunsets, and hence the plot is at a location where you can see it every evening. You need to sell the plot as you are moving abroad permanently but would love to have a buyer who likes a location with a beautiful view every evening. This way, you are also selling a feature of the cemetery and a relatable story that makes your plot unique.

Time for You to Get Creative

This article lists some ideas to help you sell your burial plot online, but the options are limitless. The best way to approach this is first to understand your buyer. Once you have a clear understanding, then you can think of ways to market your burial plot to them by stating what makes your plot stand out.
BurialLink helps you make your plot stand out in a few different ways. From basic help in adding your list to set an optimal price to more advanced support like giving you information on cemetery features and buyers, the BurialLink platform acts as your guide.